Boarding and Grooming Rates for Dogs and Cats

We like to know when to expect you! 250-569-3319
Business hours: 7 am. to 9 pm. every day except Sundays.
Sunday mornings closed between 9 am. and 11 am. only.

If your pet is picked up by 11 am., you are not charged for that day.
We charge for a half day if your pet is picked up between 11 am. and 2 pm.

Grooming happens between 10 am. and 4 pm. weekdays, & some weekends.
We are happy to provide day care services if your pet needs to stay longer.
Boarding Chico
Dogs ~ all sizes $20. and up*/day
Cats $18. and up*/day
Please see our RULES page.
*Extra fees apply for intact pets,
or those requiring special handling or nursing care.
Small/Medium Bath & nails only $30. up
Poodle, toy/miniature Bath, clip, nails $45. up
Shih Tzu, Llasa Apso Bath, clip, nails $45. up
Sheltie Bath, brush, nails $48. up
Medium dog Bath, trim or shear coat, nails $55. up
Large dog Bath, & nails only $50
Large dog Bath, brush heavy coat, nails $80. up
Any size dog Nails only $12
Bath only $25
Brush/trim, nails $30
Clip mats, nails $40
Thank you for your support.
GST may be included or added to rates.
Please pay when you pick up your pet.
Cash, Cheques, or eTransfers accepted.
For reservations or more information,
call 250-569-3319.